Welcome to my first post!

Let's face it, writing in English is not my cup of tea, but I truly wanted to present this beautiful engagement session and share how special it was! Zainab, my beautiful bride-to-be and Dillon, her handsome groom-to-be, met each other, fall in love and today are just 6 weeks away of become the Kirkpatrick Family.

This was a lovely Sunday at Gene Stratton-Portter's Gardens in Rome City Indiana. This adorable place offered us the best scenery: perfect natural light, beautiful white and purple flowers and an ideal weather. Gene Stration-Portter’s gardens felt like the perfect fantasy garden any photographer could dream of. I am very honored to be the the photographer of their BIG DAY. I can’t wait to see them say I DO.

For those that don’t know Rome City, Indiana offers Gene Stratton- Porter's Cabin at Wildflower Woods which is nestled on the shores of Sylvan Lake. This 148 acres of fields, woods and beautiful formal gardens are delightful. Property Owner Stratton-Porter is Indiana’s Most widely read female author. She began her career writing about nature for magazines then expanded her audiences by sweetening her nature studies with a veneer of fiction. You can get more info at: https://www.indianamuseum.org/historic-sites/gene-stratton-porter/

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